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My name is Grace, and I am 32 years old. I have been doing make up for a while now , yes I went to school for make up to learn how to apply on people .All I know I have learned it on my own I started by practicing on my self and watching people do it im not a pro I am learning everyday new things ,I Strongly agree that u don’t need a paper to call ure self a make up artist if u love doing it then u are a makeup artist .I  Started doing youtube videos back in 2009 because i saw everyone around me was doing it  so i decided to open my own little channel and it all went from there .
Make up has becoming my passion any chance i get i think of new looks and new ways to show and apply it  .


  1. Hello Grace hope you're fine it's Ferouz from Paris I really like your blog and all the differents makeup,coninue to do your family videos and makeup Really appreciate :)Wish you the best


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