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Birth Day Princess

                          Hey guys so todays my birthday yey i turn 27 years :) i remember turning 21 and thinking wow time goes by so fast  and look now I'm 27 to be honest I'm scared of getting old ,i don't know why i know we all have to , I'm 27 years old with 3 beautiful children who drive me crazy but i love with all my heart . 2 weeks before my b day  i decided i wanted a birthday shoot since i never had one and luckly i have a good friend who is a photographer and she helped me with my idea i diet get to get all the props i wanted but i think what i got was good she always knows how to make me feel comfy and confident and she always tells me how to pose and what to do so i can be real happy with my pictures SomethingsweetbyMoniqueo  (<----click the link to check her out )she has done all my photo shoots  for my pregnancy to my sons new born to his first b day and baptism to my girls secret garden ,valentines day shoot and not my birthday bash pictures I&#


PHAMEXPO  It was amazing weekend i got to do what i love and meet all my wonderful subscribers that came by to say hi and take #selfies with me #prettylilmzgrace i appriciate #sedonalace for letting me help them with this great event it was a great experience for me and if they where to ask me to come and do it again  i would do it  in a heart beat . Taking A #Selfie with one of my subscribers from youtube