Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hourglass gang inc. Results

Feeling sexy and strong is empowering and we feel it’s  important for women to stick together and encourage each other to be their best. Which is why we have formed a community of women that we call the "Hour Glass Gang". Through their progression and success our clique BANGS!! Are you ready to BANG?? WHY WEIGHT?

I started to use a corset to shape my waist alot of people are against it but i wanted to try something new and i decided to try the hourglass and i did , I posted my results so far i have been lagging it some times so i do not wear it like i should. The first day is the hardest the second it was okay now i can put it on by my self with no help.
As you can see in the picture bellow i see a lil more less tummy and more waist I'm happy with the results I'm getting i will keep you guys updated but if u guys want to try here is the link that gives u a $5 off link ----> HourGlass if u try it please share with me youre progress