Saturday, July 12, 2014

Birth Day Princess


                Hey guys so todays my birthday yey i turn 27 years :) i remember turning 21 and thinking wow time goes by so fast  and look now I'm 27 to be honest I'm scared of getting old ,i don't know why i know we all have to , I'm 27 years old with 3 beautiful children who drive me crazy but i love with all my heart . 2 weeks before my b day  i decided i wanted a birthday shoot since i never had one and luckly i have a good friend who is a photographer and she helped me with my idea i diet get to get all the props i wanted but i think what i got was good she always knows how to make me feel comfy and confident and she always tells me how to pose and what to do so i can be real happy with my pictures
SomethingsweetbyMoniqueo (<----click the link to check her out )she has done all my photo shoots  for my pregnancy to my sons new born to his first b day and baptism to my girls secret garden ,valentines day shoot and not my birthday bash pictures I'm so happy and satisfied with her i couldn't of chosen a better person to be a part of the special moments .

Thursday, July 3, 2014


It was amazing weekend i got to do what i love and meet all my wonderful subscribers that came by to say hi and take #selfies with me #prettylilmzgrace i appriciate #sedonalace for letting me help them with this great event it was a great experience for me and if they where to ask me to come and do it again  i would do it  in a heart beat .

Taking A #Selfie with one of my subscribers from youtube 

Monday, January 27, 2014

valentines day photoshoot

Hey guys so as you guys know my friend monique from Something Sweet Photography by Monique O is a photographer and i do not trust anyone else to take my families pictures we got to do a mini session for valentines day theme i readily hope u guys enjoy this pictures of amy ,hailey and baby jr 

Whiteninglightning party

Hey everyone so this past weekend I was invited to the whiteninglightning party on Saturday so I envited my good friend tony to go with me we had a good time even do it was far from our homes we had fun it was nice n private a few people where there n we all got to ingle and be girls :) here are a few pictures didn't really too pictures but the few I did I'll share them with u :) I want to thank whiteninglightning for the invite and hope to do it again